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The Bucovina shepherd dog


Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Sunshine of Bucovina Kennel

The love of dogs has always been the part of life. It has enriched my life greatly by making it more colourful and complete. I will forever be grateful to these wonderful creatures!
In 2008, I moved from Budapest to the countryside, and made the decision to have a dog. While surfing on the internet, I came across this wonderful breed, and had no idea then that I discovered a real treasure. To my surprise, this breed could not be found in Hungary, but following a year of searching and corresponding, my dream came true, and we finally set out to collect our first dog from Bucovina.
In the end, we returned with two dogs, and they were later followed by two more. So, this is how I became the first owner of a Bucovina shepherd dog in Hungary.
I hope all the visitors of this website will enjoy looking through the photos of our beloved dogs, and will give me the opportunity to introduce a new breed to all of our dog loving friends.

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